Sunday, April 23, 2017

It's Been A While..

I hope you all had a nice Easter. We just spent it alone at home just our family.  I finished the table runner for my Easter dinner table, with a week to spare. I hadn't worked with thread in a long time. 

I don't think I posted this four corners dishcloth I did. A while ago..

I don't think I posted the finished bigger mitered squares blanket, either? I sent it last month.  I'm kind of getting the urge to start another one. But they take me so long. I finished this one with a couple weeks to spare shy of a year.  I didn't work on it all the time, though.

I also don't know if I posted this painting Eon did? I think he totally painted over it, and did another one.. 
... this one. Which turned out super cool. He hung it on his wall. He painted it all black, then used melted crayons for the "rainbow". Just off the top of his head. 

And, I finally got the nerve up to try and make blackberry jam. Well, I didn't just try. :P I did. And, it turned out good, too. The hardest part is (well besides all of it) the sterilizing the jars, then you have to cook the jam (I got splattered/burned a couple times). Then you have to use a special funnel that is wider at the bottom, to pour the jam into the jars.  These are more than halfway gone.  And I still have four and a half bags of blackberries in the freezer. (Gallon size freezer bags.)

This was a few weeks ago? I saw a huge bird come flying in and land on a tree at the back of our property line. I was just standing there, and it happened, I ran and got my camera, and zoomed in and this was the best picture I got. I think it is a Cooper's Hawk? I don't know...  It was big! My husband said it was probably hunting gophers. (Or, he was hoping..)

I don't post a lot about my personal life, but if anyone has any good thoughts for our youngest son to send up... He is going through a very difficult time right now. :(

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