Monday, January 19, 2015

My Baby Eli is 18

I can't believe it!! :(  They are all growing up too fast...    I wanted to make a colllage with some of his baby pictures in it, to now. But, I don't have any online and all my pictures are still in storage. :(  So this is what I got.  Some of his happiest moments. :)  

The cake. He just wanted chocolate, and "I don't care."  :P   (Easy to please...)  So I made the same old chocolate cake I always do. (I cheated this year and bought frosting. My head has been killing me; I don't know why. So... Makes things easier for me.)

Opening one of his presents....

Eon trying to get Duke's attention.  (Sigh...... Boys...)

ETA:  I don't know why this happened, but... someone left a comment on my navajo afghan post saying the link  won't work. I went to change the link for the pattern. Now it is saying I just posted that entry?...   Weird.

Navajo Afghan done!  It only took me three years and nine months (less one day), lol.  I started this for the "Smoke Signals CAL" at Crochetville, August 12th, 2007.  And I finished it today.  This was just about the only thing I wanted to work on when Portia got hit.  And then I just kept getting closer to being done, and wanted to finish it.   It fits my son's twin bed. (Excuse his messy room~ this actually looks good :/  to be honest..)   It goes all the way up to the top of the bed, and hangs down a bit at the end. So it's a good size.

The diamond pattern.   My son says he wants one like this now. (Yeah, right..)  I said "I crocheted you an afghan, don't you remember?" "Where?" "Right there, on the floor. You never even use it."   (He wants everything I crochet..)

 I was trying to find the one someone had started in this CAL, as a scrapghan. I don't think she ever made a whole afghan, but turned it into a doggy blanket.   I thought someone else had made another version of this using scraps, too. I don't know. 

Just for fun, I took a picture of all the ends I cut off from the fringe. I don't want to throw it away, it seems wasteful. (I know, I'm weird...)  I might use it for stuffing for a bear or something.  :P    You can find the pattern for the afghan here: Navajo Indian Multi-Colored Aghan