Thursday, August 16, 2012

Squares, Scones, and... Glasses

I have been making more squares lately, for Knit A Square; since I finished my sweater. (The sweater was for EEROP- although I do want to knit that sweater for Knit A Square, too.)  Okay, lets' see. The primary colored and lavender/green squares on the left are Lazy Sunday square. It's a free Ravelry download. The lavender and pink bear square is the Square Bear Square pattern.  The Aruba Sea flower squares are Framing a Flower square, with two inches added on to make them eight inches.  The two on the right are plain garter stitch squares. Had to add a row of crocheting around the blue one, to make it eight inches.  That's ten squares. I think that will be enough to make a package (plus I have a sweater to send, too.)  I am thinking postage is going to be high, to Africa. So I think I will send smaller packages. :)

And I have been baking again... :)  Mostly because "There's nothing to eat..."   (According to the kids, lol..) Plus I was having a major craving for scones, and I almost can't eat them without lemon curd, now. (Unless they are chocolate chip scones-these are raisin.)  I want to try making devonshire cream to go with chocolate chip scones.  I went shopping today, and got stuff to make it. Like I said, these are raisin scones.  I used a recipe from a Taste of Home cookbook. This recipe is exactly the same! And I got the recipe for the lemon curd here. Which was from taste of home, what a coincidence..  I also did not use any lemon peel, since I didn't have any. And it still came out great.  I also cooked it on low, I didn't even turn it on high. And it didn't curdle as much as usual. So. Cool..

And... Guess who had to get glasses?....  Me.   I have been having a hard time seeing lately. Everything is blurry. I can only see out of one eye, as it is; so I was getting kind of scared. Especially when driving, that's when I really notice it the most- and it's scary.  So, I went to the eye doctor.   I only needed a "mild" prescription, but boy does it help a LOT. I can see!... :D   But I'm not supposed to wear them while using the computer or reading. (Or crocheting or knitting.)   

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Ravellinics Sweater Is Done

I finished it this morning. I am still weaving in ends, though. But it's technically done, right?  It's the T-Top Sweater from the Knit for Kids site.  I originally was going to try the Cuff-to-Cuff sweater, but I got too confused right away. Since it's been so long since I have knitted anything, I decided to try something easy. And I almost forgot how to cast on at the beginning of a row (for the sleeves).  Other than that, it was straight stockinette or garter stitch.  I also cast on for a size two (the smallest size), because I wanted to make sure I had enough yarn.  Using size 9 needles, I was right on with my gauge; but it still came out to size four measurements. Go figure. Probably just me.  Anyway, I am sending this to the Eastern European and Russian Orphange Project.  (Made the deadline by one day for the Ravellinics thing, too.) 

P.S. Not only did I have enough to finish the sweater, but I have almost a whole skein left. Thank you, Mimi; for offering to send me yours, though.   :) 

Thursday, August 02, 2012

I Think I Got My Knitting Mojo Back..

...Alert the Press. LoL.  I have not felt much like crocheting or knitting anything, for a long time. I don't know why. I just fizzled out.  I don't know how or why it came back, but...  I got in the mood to knit.  I recently joined a group on Ravelry called EEROP. (Eastern Europe Russian Orphanage Project? Something like that..)  I wanted to knit a sweater to send. And, it happened to be time for the Ravellinics. So I joined that, too. (Sheesh I wonder why I lost my mojo?...   I get too much going maybe?)  Anyway I am knitting a simple pattern (since it's been a while), the Knit for Kids Classic T-Top Sweater.  I forgot how to cast on at the beginning of a row, and had to look that up to cast on for the sleeves. But now I am only about a half inch away from being done with side one.  :)   I cast on for a size four because this is all the yarn I have left of my big bag of Wool Ease. I bought a bunch of it, like 20 years ago. I think this sweater will use up the last of it. Anyway, with my gauge being right on, it still is measuring out for the size 6 sweater. Go figure...  I just hope I have enough yarn.

"Play with me, Mumma"...   :P  She has one ball in her mouth, and one on the floor...   LoL