Sunday, March 06, 2016

S'mores, A Mini Flood, and Mitered Squares Blanket Progress..

My husband has been burning garbage in the backyard a couple times (trying to get this place cleaned up..)  And one day I said to Eon that his Dad wanted to have a bonfire this weekend, did he want to get stuff to make smores?   So we did...   (Not on  a garbage burning fire, though.. :P  There's actually two fires going there.. this is the smores fire.)  :)

My husband bought all the stuff for them. He got the huge marshmallows. :)    I think Eon was happy about that. :P Look, he is almost smiling here. 

What? Is Eli smiling?...   :)     The smoke kept making everyone choke so we had to keep moving..  But I managed to get a few pictures.  What could be better than being outside and making s'mores?

One of the big trees in our backyard, that I love..

A s'more.

This was the collage on Instagram that I did..

We had a mini catastrophe one day last week...   I was doing a bunch of laundry. No big deal.  Then I am getting ready to leave, to go pick Eon up from school. I notice the kitchen floor looks all wet? I said "What?"...   Then I notice the laundry room floor is even worse. Like an inch of water on the floor. Everywhere.   This is why.  See that rag on the side of the tub? (I do not do this---  my husband does. Not anymore though!!..)  One of the rags fell into the tub and plugged the drain.   It would not have been such a big huge deal to clean up. BUT...   We still had all our boxes of stuff that we still haven't unpacked in the laundry room. All my books, yarn, luggage!!...  A lot of stuff.   I was scrambling to get as much stuff that was in boxes on the floor out of there.  A lot of my books got wet, one got completely ruined.  A lot of my yarn got wet...   It was a nightmare.   I did clean up a little of the water out of the kitchen and some away from the door. And most of the stuff that was in the worst danger, off the floor... But I had to leave to get Eon.   So while I was at his school, I texted Eli to see if he could get some rags to start soaking up some of the water...    

He did more than that! By the time I got home, the whole laundry room was cleaned out, and he was cleaning up most of the water. He put towels down in the living room and moved all my yarn bins in there, neatly. He was such a huge help! He did most of it by himself. Even moved the washer and dryer out and mopped up behind them.   What a great kid!  :)    In the end, things turned out okay.   And I got most of the stuff  that was still unpacked, put away. The table is still covered with all my books, I still don't know where to put those. I kind of sort of need a book shelf...   Everything has been still in boxes or stuffed under my bed the whole time since we left Nevada (and sold my book shelves). Over two and a half years..  I think this is the closest to unpacked I have been since Nevada, too.  :/

Here is a more recent unpdated picture of what the mitered squares blanket looks like.  Nine rows done. I want to do two more rows.  I have gotten one square done on the tenth row, since I took this picture.   I love this blanket.

Some dinner rolls I made the other day.

Eon was home almost all week last week.  Wed- Sunday...   Sore throat.    I don't even know how many absences he has now.  I don't care either.  I seriously hate his school.   I was thinking about taking him to the doctor (the last time he was really sick, I thought it was just an earache-- turned out to be a double ear infection!-- so..  I was hoping it wasn't strep throat; and was googling where I could even take him. We don't have a doctor here, no insurance, and no idea where to go...)  I googled Urgent Cares...  And prices. :/   (We didn't go.)  Fortunately, he is starting to feel better now.  But, anyway...     This is one of the things he did this week while he was home sick.  :P   Made me laugh...   He "concocted a poisonous potion".   He mixed milk, food coloring, and maple (pancake) syrup...   I said "Are you making an evil potion?"  Then he got the idea to put a skull and cross bones sticker on it. He cracks me up sometimes..

I made him some crepes for breakfast.  (I made the dinner rolls that same day, too..  For some reason, I was in the mood to cook.)

One all rolled up..

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paula said...

You raised a great son. Eli must have a heart of gold.